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"I would highly recommend this course to pass Foundations of Reading, as Carol's class and tutoring sessions helped me pass this challenging test after several close attempts. Carol's encouragement and commitment as an educator gave me the motivation not give up. She was helpful in offering me strategies to boost my score. She extended herself as a genuine teacher wanting the best for her students! I'm certain that her knowledge in the area of reading will help others pass too. Thanks again Carol."


"After taking Carol Milano’s class and knowing what to study, items became a lot clearer. I'm happy to say that I passed!!! After taking the Foundations of Reading MTEL and failing 4 times prior to this last time which lost me over $750 in test fees and other prep courses, nights of worry and fear over not being able to retain my job for non-certification, I can't thank you enough."

Dan H.

"Carol Jacobson-Milano is a tremendous teacher of the MTEL Reading Foundations test. Before taking her class, I was a hopeless case. She provides the key tools and knowledge to have a better understanding of the Foundations test. The greatest thing that helped me pass the Foundations test was taking her course. She is Michelangelo of the Reading Foundations test. I am forever grateful for her inspiration and devotion. Thanks, again."

Dan Kiser

"Carol's review class saved me on the Foundations of Reading test.  She is extremely thorough and covers every aspect.  I walked into her class not having any idea how to do the essays.  When I received my test scores back, I had scored as high as you can on the essays. That was the reason I passed. Thanks, Carol!"

Christine Frazier

“Carol’s Foundation of Reading MTEL preparation thoroughly prepared me for the test. I would recommend this course to anyone who is taking the Foundations of Reading MTEL. Carol’s class and materials are far more effective than any other information I have used to study for this test in the past. The information she provides you with is exactly what you will find on the test. Thank you, Carol!"

Katelyn Todd

 “After four unsuccessful attempts to pass the Foundations of Reading Test I thought I would never be able to pass it, no matter how much studying I did. Finally, I saw an advertisement to help people study and learn the correct information for the test.  Thanks to Carol and her class I was able to pass the test the very next time I took it.   Thanks again.”

Casey Finnegan

“Carol Jacobson-Milano goes above and beyond to guide students and adults in successfully passing the MTEL.  She is well prepared, knowledgeable and can answer any question given to her.  After taking her prep class, I felt confident that I was going to pass the MTEL.  I highly recommend taking any preparation class that Carol teaches.” 

Erica Giles

“I have taken the Reading Foundations three times, missing it by just a few points. I decided to take the Reading Connection class once I read all the positive and encouraging testimonials. I finally passed the exam receiving a thorough on the essays! Thank you, Carol for providing the missing link. I am so happy I don't have to restudy and retake the exam."

Luisa R.

" I think the class was wonderful! We covered every aspect of phonemic/phonological awareness, comprehension, phonics, and reading. Carol was always available to answer questions over the phone or by email. I took the Foundations of Reading Test 5 times and failed it each time prior to taking Carol's class. After Carol's class not only did I pass it but I knocked it out of the box. Carol gave each student ALL the materials necessary to pass this test. When you walked into that test you knew that you were going to pass it. If you're considering taking her class stop thinking and go for it. If you want to know how to pass, take her class.”

Lorie Simmonds

"Carol is a great tutor and a master of the Foundations of Reading MTEL. She really understands the dynamic of the test and the tricks to help you succeed. Carol breaks everything down and makes the material much easier to understand. Her knowledge helped me to increase my score drastically and achieve a passing grade."          

Jared Leonard

"Carol Jacobson-Milano is by far the best professor I have ever had. Her passion to help young educators is exuded through her compassionate and unique teaching style. Not only did I pass the Foundations of Reading MTEL test my first time, but I went into each question with an overwhelming sense of confidence that seemed to be lacking when I took the other MTEL tests. I have no one else to thank for that, than Carol Jacobson-Milano."

Joia Silva

"Passing the Foundations of Reading MTEL was a huge accomplishment and I could not have done it without Professor Milano. This test is difficult, but she has carefully analyzed every objective and focuses on the essentials needed to pass. She is thorough, patient encouraging and just an amazing instructor. I am forever grateful to have met someone as knowledgeable and passionate about education as Professor Milano. Aside from helping me pass the test, she has become a role model for me. Her passion for teaching Literacy is inspiring and definitely contagious!"


"With your time and effort, in addition to, your extensive knowledge of the test, I had a clear understanding of what was going to be on the test. After completing your course, I felt more confident and less anxious going into this test. I want to thank you so much for sharing your expertise in this subject and helping me pass this Foundations of Reading Test! "

Amanda DeBello

"Carol's patience, experience, and enthusiasm shine through in the classroom. Not only did she teach us the tips and tricks of taking the test -- she also gave us a thorough understanding of reading fundamentals and elementary curriculum. I feel prepped for the test -- and for the classroom. I have become a more knowledgeable and effective teacher because of her mentorship. Above all else, Carol clearly loves to teach, and she is able to transfer her knowledge in a clear and concise way. The whole time we were learning, we were laughing. Phonological awareness should never have been as fun as it was."

 David Bernstein

"After many failed attempts and numerous prep courses, Carol Jacobson-Milano's course finally provided me with all the information I needed along with test taking strategies. I never would have been able to pass this exam if it wasn't for her patient and thorough teaching style. Everyone should take her class before taking The Foundations of Reading exam..."

Doreen Kenny

"After taking Carol’s class I felt well prepared entering the test and found no surprises. She is extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and did a thorough job covering the material. I passed on the first try – but I couldn’t have done it without her help!"

Kimberly Trenton


“Finally, "Met the qualifying score", on a letter from the MTEL testing center, because of Carol Milano and The Reading Connection, Inc. Carol's classes prepared me to take the test with a feeling of knowledge and more importantly, confidence. I had taken the course with Carol after failing the test the first time and I improved my score but fell short by four points. Determined to pass, I took the class a second time and was successful. Through her teaching experiences and copious notes she guides her classes to a level of critical thinking that is necessary to achieve a passing score. Carol's class is a must for anyone struggling with the Foundations of Reading test. She produces results that lead to certification.”

Paul Parillo
Fitchburg School System

"Carol Milano is an awesome Foundations of Reading teacher, mentor and coach! Due to Carol's strong Foundations of Reading knowledge and understanding of the types of questions asked on the MTEL test, I was able to pass the test. Carol came highly recommended from many people and her reputation is well deserved. THANK YOU CAROL for your help in passing the Foundations of Reading MTEL test."

Phil Nelson


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