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MTEL Foundations of Reading

This exam is required for candidates wishing to obtain licenses in Early Childhood, Elementary and Moderate Disabilities.

The course is designed for both first time test takers and those who have taken the test and not yet been successful. It has been designed specifically for the MTEL. During this four session, thirteen hour program, you will learn test taking skills applicable to both multiple choice and open response type questions which comprise the Foundations of Reading test.

We will provide materials to assist in guiding your study for the test. terms, definitions, concepts, skills, methods and assessment will be covered in class. Homework assignments will reinforce class work and provide a basis for further discussions and understanding.

Course Outline:


  • Session I:

    Reading Development: phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, concepts of print,  explicit / implicit instruction, analytic / synthetic methods, word analysis skills, the alphabetic principle, language development


  • Session II:

    Reading Development (continued)

    Development of Reading Comprehension: oral and written vocabulary development, fluency, imaginative text, genres,  expository text, semantic and syntactic cues, predicting, visualizing and levels and types of comprehension


  • Session III:

    Development of Reading Comprehension (continued)

  • Assessment: running records, determining a studentís strengths and weaknesses, miscue analysis, remediation, types of assessments and reading levels


  • Session IV:

    Assessment (continued)

  • Reading Instruction: glossary of terms, balanced literacy including guided reading, shared reading, independent reading, read aloud and associated types of writing          

    Practice tests, test taking strategies and order of questions, time management on the test, intensive review



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